Must haves for a Coastal Home

Anna Marie Jun 06, 2023
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Coastal dining room, coastal interior design

Coastal interior design takes its inspiration from the soothing and serene atmosphere of the beach and sea. It's all about creating a relaxed and comfortable vibe that transports you to the coast, even if you're miles away from the shore. 

One of the key features of coastal design is the use of slipcovered sofas. These soft and cozy pieces of furniture are perfect for sinking into after a long day, and the slipcovers add an element of casual elegance that's just right for a beachy home. 

Wicker chairs are another staple of coastal interior design. They're both lightweight and durable, making them ideal for outdoor spaces, and their natural texture fits right in with the laid-back beachy aesthetic. 

When it comes to tables, rustic wood is the way to go. A weathered wood table adds warmth and character to a coastal home, and it's the perfect spot for family meals or game nights with friends. 

A pop of blue is a must-have in any coastal home. Whether it's a bold navy accent wall or soft blue throw pillows, this color is a nod to the ocean and sky and brings a sense of serenity to any space. A great way to incorporate blue into your coastal design is with artwork, such as a beach scene painting or a print of a sea creature. It's a small touch that can make a big impact.

Another feature that can add character to a coastal home is large stained wood beams. These beams can be used to create a rustic yet elegant look in a room, and they add an element of texture and warmth. They're also a great way to draw the eye upward and make a space feel larger. Whether you're renovating an existing coastal home or starting from scratch, large stained wood beams are a design element that can take your space to the next level.

In short, coastal interior design is all about creating a space that feels like a relaxing getaway, no matter where you are. With slipcovered sofas, wicker chairs, and rustic wood tables, you'll have all the key elements you need to bring that coastal vibe into your home.